Kaden's Poodles
I raise and sell select few toy and miniature poodles at my home near Stillwater, Oklahoma. They are all my pets and I enjoy each and
everyone of them.  My puppies are raised with lots of attention and are well socialized.  
  • The size of my puppies will be at the top of the toy at 9-10" tall to a small miniatures at 10-12" tall. Weight ranges 9-13 pounds.  
  • They have their tails docked, dewclaws remove, and are current on vaccinations and worming.
  • They come with a starter package including: AKC puppy papers, health papers with all current and upcoming vaccinations, and a written
    health guarantee. (And a few goodies including a blanket with their scent, food and a toy to help them adjust to their new home.
  • I had my AKC inspection in 2016 and passed every area with no notes for improvement.
Check out the past litters link to see earlier puppies and click on puppy notes link to read notes
from past buyers.
Parent pictures are below

If you are looking for a healthy and happy puppy for your family pet, I would love to try to help you get one.
Puppies will go to first person to send $100 nonrefundable deposit (included in final price).
Prices are $1000 for limited AKC, please contact us about full AKC breeding rights.
Puppies are available unless marked pending or sold.
Please call me or text me if you would like more information. Thank You!
I do give a healthy puppy guarantee.
Page Updated 12/17/2018
You can now follow me on Face book @ KB Toy Poodles. You can also see post from some our
customers and updates on their puppies!
I am proud to share that in 2015 I was named the state winner for small animal
production and care at the Oklahoma FFA State Convention.  I was then selected
as one of 4 state winners to be a national finalist. As a finalist I was invited to
interview at the 2016 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana and
although I was not awarded the national title, I am so proud that I was one of the
top 4 in the nation with my small animal production business. In 2016, I won the
state Diversified Livestock Production Award for my combined small animal/sheep
businesses. I was also awarded as a top 4 finalist in the nation.
Thank you for your support.
I have now turned over the poodles to my brother, Kaden. He was always my
biggest supporter and was always by me side helping me. He will do a great job
continuing the KB Poodles business!
She is full sister and litter mate to Blackie. She has the
taller build with longer legs in the miniature style body
type. She is a classy dog who wants your love and
She is 12" tall and 10 pounds
My Little Perfect Oreo
I purchased Oreo to breed to the females we raised. It took a while to
find a male that met my expectations of a good loving family dog. I have
been very happy with the puppies he has produced.
This picture is at 6 months he still has puppy hair. Oreo was supposed
to be a toy, but has grown to miniature size at 11" tall and 11 pounds
(Toy-Under 10" at shoulders).
Black Op (Blackie)
I know not a girlie name, but I let my brother name
her. Parents were Dixie and Wild Willie-she is litter
mate and sister of Paisley. Her puppies are much like
her, cute with lots of personality.  
She is 11" tall and 10 pounds
Cowgirl's Cokie
I raised Cokie from Cowgirl and Wild Willie. She is the
most loyal dog who will do anything for you and loves
to play fetch. She is 9" tall and 9 pounds
She is Hope's sister and her name fits her great as she is
curious and likes to scout around. She is a fun dog and
constantly learning new things.
She is 9" and 9 pounds.
Hope has been a great addition to my poodles. I purchased
her to breed with Oreo and raise party poodles. She is a
loving dog that is full of energy.
She is 9" toy about 9 pounds.
Meet My Adults

I started raising poodles when I received my first pet poodle for Christmas and bred her to my sister's sire. I loved taking care of the puppies. I have
slowly added to my females and purchased my own sire. I am proud of the AKC poodles that I own. They are very loving, loyal and playful dogs.  I am
most proud of my customer service record. I strive to provide quality pets to families looking to replace a lost pet, get their very first pet, or add to
their family. I have many repeat customers and customer referrals. I have build so many relationships with my customers and that is very rewarding.
Thank you for taking the time to look at our Poodles!


email us at kbpoodles@yahoo.com to get an email when puppies are born

Oreo and Paisley
Born: May 3, 2018
Ready (8 weeks): July 26, 2018
Registered AKC

Here is a picture of Andy. He is one of our sables we sold and his parents send us updates so you can see
the changes.  Andy is pretty light cream color, most will be light but vary from a taupe to apricot to cream.
They all turn out a little different, so they are like a little surprise package, always changing.
Future Breeding Poodles
In the next year or two, I will be retiring some of my mommas and so I have kept 4 females out of my adult females above
and have purchased two males to breed them. We plan to keep 5 breeding females. I have the pictures of males below and
will be adding pictures of females soon!
Baxter Brown
I purchased Baxter because of his chocolate color
with hints of red and because he is a little smaller than
me females. He is APRI registered
He is 9" tall and 9 pounds
Pepper is a sweet, smart AKC male I just purchased.
He is a miniature in size with longer legs but a stylish
lean body. He has long ears and a great curly coat.
He is 12" tall and 11 pounds
Bella is out of Hope and Oreo. She is our little diva.
She loves attention and does not like vaccinations.  
She is 10" tall and 10 pounds
Cocoa is out of Blackie and Oreo. She was a
chocolate color that faded to a milky café latte color.
She wants your attention and approval, so loving.
She is 9" tall and 10 pounds
Pictures will be posted later
Paige is out of Scout and Oreo. She is a curious girl
who likes to run and play.  
She is 10" tall and 10 pounds

Hope and Oreo Litter
Born November 2, 2018
Will be available to pick up Dec 22, or will hold until after holidays.

AKC Limited Registration

Pictures updated 12/17

Kringle is a Brown and white party
male. Look at that super cute
marking on his eye.

Jingle is a cream and white party
male. He looks mostly white, with
some cream on his head.

Pookie is a black and white
female. She may lighten to a blue
and white party like her parents.

Abby is a black and white party
female. She has more white than
Newborn, 1, 2, & 4, week
old Pictures
This is a picture (left) from a year that we had 4 litters born
at the same time and Kaden build these runs where each
litter had a bed area (hard to see in picture) with a run filled
with wood chips (helps with potty training) and the moms
could jump over to go outside as needed. The pens in the
background are where the adults stay and have doggie
doors to go outside into a large yard area. They are kept
together in a large area. I use heat lamps in the winter and
have air conditioners for the summer. When females are
pregnant and while puppies are young, they normally stay
inside in an extra mudroom. (above)

Cokie and Oreo Litter
Born November 3, 2018
Will be available to pick up Dec 22, or will hold until first week of January.

AKC Limited Registration

Pictures u
pdated 12/17

Scout and Oreo Litter
November 11, 2018
Will be available to pick up around January 5th.

AKC Limited Registration

Pictures updated 12/8
6 week Pictures

Clark is a black male with white
spots on his chest. He may turn

Eddie is a black male with a large
white spot on his chest and two
white feet. He may turn blue.

Winston is a sable male. He will
lose a lot of the black tips. It is
always fun to see what color the
sables turn out. See a picture of
Andy at the bottom of the page.

Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou is a chocolate female.
She may turn café latte.

is a black female with a
white spot on hers chest and tips
of some of her toes. She may turn

This is a little phantom colored girl
with black and tan, We are keeping
her and retiring her mom.
Newborn Pictures, 2, & 4
5 week Pictures

Elsa is a white female with a little

Hans is a black and white male.
He may turn blue.

Anna is a chocolate and white
party female, chocolate will fade
to a creamy chocolate color.
SOLD- Carol
2  week Pictures

Paisley and Oreo Litter
November 12, 2018
Will be available to pick up around January 5th.

AKC Limited Registration

Pictures updated 12/8

Clara is a black female with large
white spot on her chest. She may
turn blue.

Sugar is a sable female. She will
lose a lot of the black tips. It is
always fun to see what color the
sables turn out. See a picture of
Andy at the bottom of the page.
3 week Pictures
3 week Pictures
2 week Pictures