kaylee's standard poodles

I was a member of the FFA in school, then graduated from oklahoma state university.

I am proud to share that in 2015 I was named the state winner for small animal production and care at the Oklahoma FFA State Convention. I was then selected as one of 4 state winners to be a national finalist. As a finalist I was invited to interview at the 2016 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana and although I was not awarded the national title, I am so proud that I was one of the top 4 in the nation with my small animal production business. In 2016, I won the state Diversified Livestock Production Award for my combined small animal/sheep businesses. I was also awarded as a top 4 finalist in the nation. Thank you for your support. I have now turned over the toy/miniature poodles to my brother, Kaden. He was always my biggest supporter and was always by me side helping me. He will do a great job continuing the KB Poodles business! I purchased two standard poodles to breed as I embark on my next journey in life. They are truly my babies.

Kaylee's Standard Poodles