The puppy I purchased from you for my
parents  for  Christmas is very loving.  She
has her own mind and keeps my parents very
happy.  I believe she was one of Mandy's.  
They are entertained by her...she's already
spoiled silly.  My parents are in their 80's and
had just lost their beloved Jake a couple
weeks before.  Jill has really filled that empty
void well.
I told you when we bought our puppy that I
would send you a picture.  Sorry it has
taken me so long.  It was one crazy
summer around here.  Kinley is having a
blast.  She named the dog Ruby Ginger.  
I wanted you to see how much Brody
has grown.  He may not look happy to
be having his picture taken, but he is a
friendly happy dog.  He was just waiting
for us.  
My daughter took him to a dog show last
week and he won 1st place for best dog!!!  
His favorite thing to do is head straight for
the MUD pond and dive right in.  UGH!!!!!!
Hi,  Just wanted to send you a pic of Paisley.
Today is her birthday. We just love her to pieces.
She is an awesome baby.
Thanks for the puppy. Tyler named him
Dually, he's so funny.  He has made himself
right at home and has only had two accidents.
He sleeps all night and goes out to bathroom.  
Could not have asked for a better dog.
We bought our dog, Coalie, from you last summer.  
She was Dixie's coal black female.  Wanted to let
obedient (most of the time) pet.  She loves to
snuggle and we are crazy about her.
My daughter and I have several poodles now
and he is just great.  I will never understand
how he was the last one left out of three
litters.  I don't know what color to call him.  He
is a light chocolate or a dark beige, maybe with
the sable markings. I thought you might like to
have his picture show other customers.    
Thanks for making him affordable to me.
Everyone who meets him just loves him to
death. Hope all at your home are well.
God bless you all.
He may be a runt, but he has the courage of a little
lion. He learned his place in the pack very quickly.
He thinks things through and is really smart, I would
say that even if he weren't mine.
I'm so glad we found you and adopted this little
fellow!  I came very close to calling you to set up an
adoption of a little female.
Best Wishes and good luck on future litters~
Jack and Gail
Just wanted to thank you for our new family she is as good as gold...So  wanted to drop you
a line and thank you for raising just a wonderful little dog.
(not pictured)

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Kaylee's Poodles-Puppy Notes
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I just wanted to say thank you for this sweet little
girl! She is fitting in perfectly with our family! We
absolutely love her!

Thank you!!!!
We are just thrilled with him
Livin the dream
Henry and Charlie having Thanksgiving together!
Merry Merry Christmas.
Lover her to pieces!!!
Thank You!!
We named her Penelope Black, Penny for short.
Penny has been amazing and
she fits in perfect with our country life:)
Hoss wishes you a merry
We just LOVE him!!
It's just like raising a feisty 2
year old again LOL!!!
Wanted to share a couple of pictures of
Bella.  She is adorable.....funny..... We have had poodles for
20 years and she has the best personality
of any others we have had.
She is very loved!!
Raven Willow-She's a
sweetheart and
yes, she is
spoiled rotten!!

(Left): Pepper is 14 weeks old now
and just returned from the groomer.
She grown so fast!  She weighs 8 lb!!
She is so smart and loving!!
We live her so much!!

(Right): Here is a picture of Pepper
with her first "big girl" haircut!!  
We love her so much!  Every morning
she wakes me with kisses!!
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